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Ask any of the over 4500 owners and operators of Par T Golf Simulators around the world, some who have been in business with Par T Golf simulators since 1979. The Technical and Customer Support offered by Par T Golf is the best in the industry.


Because indoor golf is increasing in popularity and golfers are demanding more games and different courses, the Par T Golf Eagle Stroke Golf simulator software is easily upgraded as new courses are being designed and new software is being developed.

We have provided a downloads page that will allow you to download our latest versions of software to your Simulator.

Simulator Software Updates

You may also be interested in downloading our installation, maintenance and operations manual.

Download the manual (17.6 MB)

Company Commitment

With experience, beginning in 1976, in the manufacturing of indoor golf simulators, Optronics Ltd., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, will support you on call and on site. Installation, training and follow-up are available, plus the knowledge that you can get help anytime for the life of the system. In-house technical people are available to answer all questions, and a warranty on all the electronics is included with the system.

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